Research and Development

ProMyelo offers contract research for evaluation of drug efficacy in mice. We have extensive experience in evaluation of potential therapeutic compounds in rodent models of autoimmune diseases, toxin-driven demyelination, remyelination models as well as development and optimization of new models.

Why ProMyelo?

Quality & Price

Our 100% focus on rodent in vivo research lets us work efficiently, and our low-cost rodent facility in Aachen/Germany keeps our prices very competitive, while delivering first-class science and results.


We can do as much or as little work as you need – with no up-front investment or setup effort from you. You can even make changes after we’ve started your study; we want our customers to feel just as comfortable working with us as with their own in-house scientists.


Each model we offer has been established in our laboratory by a scientist with extensive experience in that research area. In addition to running your study, we can provide valuable expertise and interpretation of results.

By specializing in rodent in vivo work, we can do the job more efficiently and at less total cost to you. We are committed to providing first class science at very competitive prices.