We take great pleasure in welcoming you to our ProMyelo GmbH homepage and would like to thank you for your interest in our services and Multiple Sclerosis Research & Development activities. Today more than ever before, successful and efficient research requires the use of the very latest methods and demands the highest possible level of technical skills.

ProMyelo GmbH is a highly specialized preclinical research organization offering services that focus on the development of new neural therapies, especially in the field of Multiple Sclerosis research. ProMyelo’s various preclinical MS model Systems (cuprizone, EAE, LPC etc.) and applications (immunohistochemistry, ultrastructural analyses, gene expression studies, cell culture approaches, etc.) provide high-quality standard and customizable solutions for basic science, preclinical and clinical research. We provide these specialized research services to pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies, non-profit organizations and academic researchers.

MS animal models

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Gait analysis in rodents

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Neurohistology Service

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Project planning and data evaluation

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