High speed ventral plane videography using the DigiGait™ Setup

(A) Setup of the DigiGait™ imaging system. (B) DigiGait™ setup with a mouse in the running chamber during ventral plane videography recordings. (C) Representative image of a mouse during ventral plane videography recordings. (D) Representative image of the position of the single paws extracted from the ventral plane videography recordings by the provided analysis tool. (E) A graphical depiction of various aspects of a single mouse stride.

DigiGait™-based gait analysis

Semi-automated gait analysis for functional outcome measurements.


Walking seems to be an uncomplicated activity. However, there are many systems of the body, such as strength, coordination, and sensation, that work together to allow a person to walk with what is considered a normal gait. Gait depends on a complex interplay of major parts of the nervous, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems. Underlying reasons for gait abnormalities are manifold including neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory disorders, hip and knee osteoarthritis or muscular abnormalities.

In rodents, forelimb and hindlimb locomotor deficits are commonly assessed using subjective scoring systems. Quantification of gait impairment is being recognized increasingly as a useful preclinical assay to better understand how animal models may reflect the human condition, and to generate quantitative metrics of successful intervention. Our group has recently demonstrated early gait deficits in a multiple sclerosis animal model using the semi-automated gait analysis system DigiGait™
ProMyelo now offers DigiGait™-based gait analysis. You either send us your animals for subsequent gait analysis or we visit your facility with our system to conduct the gait analysis in your animal facility.

For your experiments we provide:

Stringent protocols

Stringent protocols to generate reproducible gait metrices

High Speed Ventral Plane Videography

Images are collected at a rate of 140 frames/s. and stored as audio video interleaved (AVI) files for later blinded analyses

Video analysis

The image analysis software digitally encodes the individual paw area and position relative to the tread-belt. Each paw of the animal will be treated as a unique signature so that later analyses of foot movements can be performed on separate limbs. Following this strategy, the DigiGait™ analysis software computes 39 gait parameters for the fore limbs and 43 for the hind limbs of each animal.


Scientific support

ProMyelo provides additional scientific support such as in depth data analysis, support during experimental planning or additional gait evaluation strategies such as rotarod analyses