Confocal Zeiss LSM 7 Duo microscope working station for qualitative or quantitative image analysis.

Neurohistology Service

ProMyelo offers a complete range of standard and customized neurohistology services. Our specialized histology and immunohistochemistry capabilities combined with our custom analysis techniques provide increased throughput and decreased variability for high quality tissue evaluation. We offer neurohistology either as a complete service or specific expertise to complement your in-house capabilities, including:

Tissue Processing

Freezing microtome sectioning (10-100µm sections), microtome sectioning (5-15µm sections) for paraffin-embedded samples


Slide mounted or free floating immunofluorescence/ DAB staining


Nissl, Toluidine Blue, Luxol Fast Blue, Black Gold, etc.


Bright field, epifluroscence and Apotome imaging, high resolution scanning of stained slides, EM, etc.


Quantitative (density, absolute counts, size and volume, etc.) and qualitative (overlays, image reconstructions, co-localization, etc.) analyses.