Remyelination models

Myelin repair (i.e. remyelination) restores the functional integrity of axons and is neuroprotective. Our remyelination models capture several important attributes of Multiple sclerosis and has been successfully used to test remyelination therapeutics.

Demyelination models

Characteristic for Multiple Sclerosis lesions is the loss of myelinating oligodendrocytes and demyelination. ProMyelo’s modified cuprizone model shows consistent levels of axonal demyelination providing an excellent platform for qualitative and quantitative readouts of demyelination.

Neuroprotection models

Protecting demyelinated axons is critical to maintain neural integrity as transection/loss of axons is the major cause of neurological decline in MS patients. The extent of axonal damage can be studied in various animal models.

Immunomodulation models

The development of new therapeutic strategies for treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) including immunosuppressants, immunomodulators, and monoclonal antibodies require the use of appropriate animal models.